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Paul Mecurio - 2 Chairs and a Microphone

Each week on 2 Chairs and a Microphone, Emmy & Peabody award winning comedian Paul Mecurio interviews a wide range of high profile guests from the worlds of entertainment, media, sports, music, politics and science (some past guests include, Paul McCartney, Adam Carolla, Stephen Colbert, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jay Leno, Sugar Ray Leonard, Bob Costas). A compelling interviewer and host, Paul routinely uncovers hilarious anecdotes and surprising insights about his guests never heard before. As a bonus, each week listeners will get a 2nd podcast from Paul's archives of great interviews he's done with a vast array of amazing A-list guests.
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May 27, 2016

Paul explains a change in the podcast.  For those of you interested in a pro rata refund please email  Thanks for listening

May 19, 2016

Nick Bollettieri. One of, if not THE premier tennis mentors in the sport. He has coached the top players in the sport such as Monica Seles, Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Boris Becker and countless others. We talk about his career in tennis and what it was like being an influence in the illustrious careers of such tennis greats.


May 17, 2016
Stand-Up Comedian Andy Ruther. Co-host and co-founder of the hugely popular "The Dirty Sports" Podcast where Andy and his co-host Joe Praino talk sports, fandom, sex and having sex while playing sports. Andy has an amazing life story. In this really revealing talk Andy discusses his life-threatening brain injury (no joke), bouncing back from it and how it changed his life for the better. Super knowledgeable about sports Andy has a very unique take on what is right and wrong with sports, the rabid & hilarious "Dirty Sports" fans aka "The Dirtballs," and his disgusting sofa that has routinely been desecrated by him and various women.


May 13, 2016

Judy Joo. Judy is a resident chef on IRON CHEF UK as well as the Executive Chef at the Playboy Club in London. We talk about her unique background, how certain foods are made and what its like putting flavors together.

May 11, 2016
Mark Serritella. Hilarious national stand up comic and producer of one of the major live comedy shows in the country, "Comedy Juice." Mark has a great back story, moonlighting as a stand-up while teaching in San Diego until he finally left teaching to pursue comedy full time. Mark has great anecdotes about hell gigs he did while teaching and then starting out full-time and what it's like producing his very successful "Comedy Juice" live shows in Los Angeles and New York, which regularly features A-list comics, like, Louis C.K., David Spade, Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan, and many more.
May 6, 2016

Susan Pinsky. This week, its something different as I talk with podcaster Susan Pinsky, host of CALLING OUT WITH SUSAN PINSKY on the Sideshow Network. Susan is steeped in the world of clairvoyants and psychics. I had a psychic reading recently so this was a very interesting conversation. We talk about how she became interested in this world, how psychics train and what her husband, Dr. Drew Pinsky, thinks of the clairvoyant world.

May 2, 2016
Brian Scott McFadden, comedian and premiere voiceover actor. Brian is hilarious, he's appeared on The Late Showw/David Letterman, The Late, Late Show w/Craig Ferguson and is ahuge voice over actor. He's the voice of the #1 Sheep in theSerta Mattress Commercials, has been heard in Ice Age 2, and wasthe voice of the Talking Monkey in the Budweiser Super Bowlcommercial. He's also appeared in the Ben Stiller film, "The SecretLife of Walter Mitty." We insult each other a lot and have a greattalk about growing up a child star, having a famous father andstage mother and why stand up has been so important to him.


Apr 28, 2016

Steve Belanger. Host of Men's Health Podcast. A really fun interview with Steve about his former life in the corporate world working for the Penthouse empire --no, not as a model, his hilarious and revealing book - "My Penthouse Past" - about that time, his years as an actor and stand up and the great interviews he does for Men's Health. A great chat with a really interesting, funny guy.

Apr 25, 2016
Jamie Flam, booker of the famed Hollywood Improv as well as a comedy writer, producer and performer. This is a unique insider's perspective that can't be heard anywhere else about what it's like to book one of the biggest and most influential comedy clubs in the country where such comedy heavyweights as Richard Pryor, Andy Kaufman, Lewis Black, Denis Miller and David Spade have performed. Jamie talks about how his own comedy and musical influences play a part in booking "The Improv" and has great, funny stories about being a comedy fan at a young age and pursuing comedy early on. Jamie co-hosts a really cool podcast, "The Long Shot," that I had a great time as a recent guest appearance on. 
Apr 21, 2016

JR Ravitz, head booker of the Comic Strip Live in New York City is Paul's guest this week for a great discussion.

Apr 18, 2016

Tait Fletcher has had quite an enigmatic history. Tait rose to being one of the best grapplers in the world. He was championed and medaled in hundreds of tournaments. Tait was a forerunner in the sport of MMA through its crucial growth period. Tait has also been a stunt man in hollywood including, Paul, Thor and Red Dawn, and has had acting roles in Schwarzenegger’s Last Stand and as the villain hunting Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in the hit, 2Guns. Tait is a fascinating guy who leads an incredibly interesting life. I've not met anyone like him.

Apr 15, 2016

John Devore is my guest this week. John is a great writer and friend who is a very funny and keen observer and satirist of life and all that is topical. We talk politics, comedy and how to get stubborn grass stains out of jeans.

Apr 11, 2016

Terry Gilliam. Founding member of "Monty Python" the most innovative, influential comedy troupes in history! Terry started out as a cartoonist and has a great story of how he met John Cleese after giving up his American citizens and leaving America because he was disenchanted with the Vietnam War. We get into what Monty Python's process was like in creating their memorable sketches, what is was like working with Graham Chapman, Michale Palin and the others in the group, and how Terry's very unique vision as a writer and director has given us such brilliant movies as, "Brazil," "Time Bandits," and "Monty Python and The only Grail."

Apr 8, 2016

Ron Perlman. Ron Perlman is a Golden Globe winning actor, he's appeared in TV shows and movies like Sons of Anarchy, Beauty and the Beast, Hellboy, and Pans Labyrinth. We talk about his method as an actor, his passion for acting, and his memoir called "Easy Street The Hard Way"

Apr 7, 2016

My friend and comedian Tom Rhodes. Seen in his own  NBC sit-com, "Mr. Rhodes" and three stand-up specials, Tom started comedy at 17 and by 19 was supporting himself on the road. Amazing story.  He was the first comic signed to a development deal by Comedy Central.  He's spent the last TEN years living and working around the world, literally, he has not had a permanent home. He talks about living and doing comedy in the likes of Malaysia, Singapore, Iceland, and Russia. Totally fascinating dude - one of the most cultured people I know. To top it all off Tom has a GREAT story about meeting a pant-less Rodney Dangerfield at the age of 17! 


Mar 31, 2016

Zane Lamprey. Zane Lamprey is the host of multiple podcasts including Three Sheets, The Zane Lamprey Show, and his newest project with NatGeo, Chug. We talk about his projects, drinking, and his kickstarter.

Mar 28, 2016

Very Funny comedian, Dave Anthony. A stand up, Dave also writes on and is in "Maron" on IFC. Dave and I go back to NYC together starting out. Dave is a super honest guy, which I love about him, and talks about why he was so angry for such a long (Then he punched me in the face), how that anger got in the way of his career for a while, how getting married and having a kid gave him perspective, his love of the San Francisco comedy scene (and dislike of NYC) and his very inventive and funny podcast, "The Dollop." We talk other really cool, eye-opening stuff but you gotta listen, I can't spoon feed you!  

Mar 24, 2016

Artie Lange. A great comedian and friend, we talk sports, comedy and Artie talks VERY candidly about his troubles with drugs and his being clean. It's a really open and honest look into what Artie is dealing with. He's amazing in this conversation. As a thank you I gave him a bag of heroin. That's ok, right?

Mar 21, 2016

Larry and Shawn King. A great conversation with the talk show legend Larry King and his wife Shawn. Larry has an amazing story, from growing up poor in Brooklyn to being a pioneer in talk radio and television in America. He has a great story about his old friend Frank Sinatra and many others. His wife Shawn talks about her life as a singer, how she met Larry, and how crazy and fun it is to be married to the talk show King.

Mar 17, 2016
Brilliant comic actor, Brian Huskey. Brian and I are in a new LG Commercial campaign. He's hilarious in it-had a blast doing it. Check it out.  Brian stars in and is co-writer of the hilarious new film, "A Better You." Brian has been in EVERYTHING, the movie "Step Brothers" starring Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly, "Neighbors," the TV shows, "Children's Hospital," "Another Period," "Arrested Development," and the Bible (he plays the guy wearing sandals). A really cool conversation about Brian's new movie, his path from photography to comedic acting, auditioning for roles, improv and more. Enjoy. Apr. 7-9 I am headlining "Comix Comedy Club at Mohegan Sun" in Connecticut. Please come see me. Tix: hope you can come check out a show. 
Mar 14, 2016

Max Kellerman. Host - ESPN's SortsNation & Color Man for HBO Boxing.  I've gotten to know Max appearing on SportsNation. He's one of the most well-informed, sharpest guys in sports. Max has a really cool story how he got into sports - working at ESPN right after graduating Columbia. He talks about the state of boxing and how UFC has taken some of the spotlight from boxing. Max isn't shy about his opinions, he's a proponent of Sabermetrics. He believes that Roger Maris should still be considered the single-season home run record holder at 61 because of steroid accusations towards players such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. A really cool look at sports from one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting.

Mar 10, 2016

Actor Rob Corddry, from "Children's Hospital," "The Daily Show," “Pain & Gain,” and “Hot Tub Time Machine." He talks about his hilarious show, “Children’s Hospital,” which is sadly coming to an end. Rob and I worked together on "The Daily Show," and talk his days on the show and how he came up with his character by copying Stephen Colbert’s, responding to people on twitter, his fascination with Michael Bay and what it is about his sweat glands that require him to have a giant industrial strength air conditioner.  A fun and funny chat with my friend Rob that covers all sorts of ground!

Mar 7, 2016

Norman Lear, Television and Comedy legend, creator of "All In The Family, "The Jeffersons," "Sanford and Son," and "Good Times."  Norman talks about how he created some of the most successful and influential sit-coms in television history.  He tells a great story how "All in the Family," got on the air, how the "Archie Bunker" character came about and how at its peak the show had 60 million viewers. He talks about the struggles he had starting out as a poor writer in Hollywood and his difficult upbringing -- Norman was a small boy when his father went to prison for selling fake bonds.  This is one of the most fascinating interviews I've done. Norman has amazing stories that give you a peak behind his creative process, sit-com empire and genius.

Mar 3, 2016

Jay Mohr: Comedian, Actor. Host of "Mohr Stories" Podcast and host of "Jay Mohr Sports" of Fox Sports Radio, 9-12 PST. I'm a huge fan of Jay's! He's a good friend and great comedian and actor. We have a really fun conversation about doing stand up together in NYC and how you develop into a good stand up. Jay also talks in an incredibly candid way about his panic attacks, how he took a long break from stand up and became a different person returning to stand up with a renewed approach to his act and his life. It's really interesting stuff! 

Feb 29, 2016
Jordan Klepper, Daily Show Correspondent, Comic Actor. Paul and Jordan worked together on "The Daily Show," and they talk about working on The Daily Show and what that is like, how he got started in comedy, Jordan's days at UCB as an improvisor and some great short films he's made that have been in many festivals. Jordan has hilarious stories about his life, including how he went from Math whiz in Michigan to being a great comic actor. Jordan is very inventive and funny and it all comes through in this interview.


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